Dating sites in tenerife

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Dating sites in tenerife

Although the author has been in the passenger shipping industry since 1960, although is now retired but having completed over As reconstruction was close to completion, and they were ready to fit her newly reshaped aft funnel, but suddenly on August 29, 1965 Achille Lauro was rocked by an explosion with a raging fire braking out.

Finally, when the fire was extinguished and the ship was declared safe, work continued, but obviously her completion was delayed.

Also at night polish dancers who would add a touch of class with Ballet performances.

Thus there was much to keep passengers busy onboard as well as whilst visiting their first ports of call, being anniversary by taking a cruise aboard the Italian cruise ship. Klinghoffer was disabled and partially paralyzed man having had two strokes earlier and therefore he was in a wheelchair.

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The funnels were painted blue, with a traditional Flotta Lauro logo being a white star being added and the smoke dispersers were black.

Apart from her new tall modern funnels with twin bladed smoke deflectors, her promenade deck was extended far forward with glazing, whilst her upper also glazed aft in order to protect the First Class swimming pool from the wind.

Thereafter it were the South African’s who chartered her for five months from November 1979 to March 1980 and they repeated this charter for another two seasons.

There was no doubt, but Achille Lauro’s bad luck seemed to keep up with her, from the day she was taken over by Flotta Lauro Lines.

Originally, when she was the MS Willem Ruys she had the nickname of being the “Lucky Ship” because she sat unscathed throughout WW2 in her dock partially built, despite all the bombing and the attempts to destroy her, yet the ship that should have been destroyed became a great Dutch Liner!

in November 1981, a blaze broke out in the bar, but during an evacuation three passengers were killed although the fire was apparently rapidly extinguished.

According to reports, a female passenger in utter fear jumped overboard and sadly drowned.

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